I first became interested in photography in high school, taking pictures for the school paper and yearbook.  Over the years I found that nature photography is my true

passion.  It was through this work I realized that, no matter what the subject, as soon as it enters into the camera's view I felt an instant, intimate connection to it.


I moved to Tucson from Milwaukee, WI and live on four acres of beautiful river valley where my husband grew up.  It is unique to Tucson and surrounded by the Sonoran Desert.

Many of the floral photos are from my own fruit trees and garden plants. I am blessed with an amazing husband, three beautiful children, a sweet son-in-law, two darling grandchildren,

and a wide group of family and caring friends.


I hope you enjoy browsing through my photos.  I still have so much to learn!  But the beauty of life is doing what you love and knowing each day is an opportunity to do it better!